Great design not only stands out, it also solves the most basic problem.


I have 5 years experience in Graphic Design assisting clients and design agencies. I have worked for a top local Ad Agency and helped them with their graphic designs projects. I used to work as a software developer but decided to change careers after only working on it for 5 years. I become a freelance graphic designer because I am intrigued by the creativity and process of creating lasting designs. In my 5 years as a designer, I have been able to design for logos, branding and visual identity, company profiles, company brochures, marketing flyers, web sites, social media contents, posters, etc. My clients include advertising agencies, local businesses, marketing agencies and startups.


Because of my experience, I am fully aware that making great design is not so much about how aesthetically awesome a design is, but much more about how a specific design solves the client’s needs. I firmly believe that fully understanding the client’s needs is what will make the design great.